Oak Savannah Trail

Looking for something to do while you’re in town? Check out Oak Savannah Trail!

Trail users may enjoy the Oak Savannah Trail as it takes them on a journey through savannahs, remnant prairies, wetlands, lakes, parks, and residential neighborhoods. The Oak Savannah Trail (OST) comprises 8.25 miles from Oak Ridge Prairie County Park in Griffith to the Prairie Duneland Trail at the Lake/Porter County Line Road in Portage with a break in Hobart.


Trail users may access the western segment of the trail from the trail head near the parking lot at Oak Ridge Prairie County Park at 301 S. Colfax Street in Griffith. This segment runs 6.25 miles to Wisconsin Street in Hobart. The eastern segment, following the Hobart break, may be accessed from a gravel parking lot at the northeast corner of Cleveland Street and State Road 51 in Hobart. This segment is 1.25 miles in length and takes users from the Cleveland/51 intersection to the Prairie Duneland Trail.

Citizens should exercise extreme caution as they use the OST because several at-grade road crossings have to be taken into consideration. Main, Chase, Harrison, Madison, Delaware, Georgia, Liverpool, and Union Streets all have moderate to heavy vehicular traffic that affects the OST.

The Lake County Parks and the City of Hobart are working together to close the gap between Wisconsin Street in Hobart and the Cleveland/51 intersection in the next few years. Any questions regarding this gap should be directed to the Hobart Parks Department.

Interested in learning more? Click here!



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