Travel Hacks for Summer Vacation!

Search for one traveler to start: When booking travel for a group or family, even three or four people, start searching as if you are looking to travel as a single person. If there are just a few seats left at a lower fare, you can at least grab them and get a partial deal.

Go left: Scientists aren’t precisely sure why people are more likely to turn right than left, but when faced with the choice to go right or left at the airport security line, go left as those lines tend to be shorter.


Pack light: Avoid checked baggage fees by skipping the toiletries. If your trip includes shopping, don’t bring a second suitcase. Instead, wear old (or unloved) clothes that you can toss (or donate) at the end of your trip and replace with souvenirs and new clothes after a shopping spree.

Get a good seat: If you’re deciding between similarly priced flights and one is on a Boeing 767, take that one. The Boeing 767 has fewer of the dreaded middle seats than other planes because it has a 2-3-2 configuration (two seats, an aisle, three seats, another aisle, and two more seats).

Don’t wait: Find a plane ticket price that seems too good to be true? Buy now and think later. Most airlines will give you a free refund within 24 hours of booking if you need to cancel. This will give you enough time to mull over and confirm your travel plans – just be sure to check the airline or travel booking website’s refund policies before booking. When in doubt, call the airline or travel website before booking to review the refund policy.

Eat cheap: Hit the grocery store to stock up on bottled water, snacks and picnic lunches. Not only will you get to eat like a local, but you will save money, too. If you want to eat at a pricey Michelin-starred restaurant, go at lunchtime when you’ll get the same high quality food and service but often at a fraction of the price.


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