Charge at the Airport Like a Pro!

Cellphones, tablets and laptops make it easy to keep in touch on-the-go. However, running out of battery life is arguably one of the most frustrating aspects of staying connected while traveling. An increasing number of airports and airlines are meeting this challenge by installing power charging stations in airport terminals and airplane seats.


Charging station etiquette: No matter how you choose to charge your devices, keep these charging station etiquette tips in mind:

-If you don’t have a device to charge or you’re already done charging your device(s), move away from the charging station to allow other travelers to power up before takeoff.

-If there are no empty spaces available to plug in, but you see someone else’s device is fully charged, don’t unplug it. First, identify whose device it is by asking passengers standing or seated near the charging station. Most folks stand at or keep a close eye on their devices, so it shouldn’t be hard to identify whose electronics are occupying the space you want.

-Keep an eye on your device. Some charging stations have seating. Make yourself comfy while waiting for your device to charge, so they don’t go on a one-way trip without you.

-If you must walk away from your device, return periodically to check on the charging progress. Don’t keep fully charged electronics plugged in as other travelers may be equally eager to charge their devices before take off.


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